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Motivate Yourself to Start Your Own Business through Career Development

Motivate Yourself to Start Your Own Business through Career Development

Every person use what he/she has studied on career development. When a person graduated in college, he/she starts to find job to earn money for the everyday living. He/she starts to earn and save money to buy his/her needs and wants. There are people who quit on their job and just start their own business. People choose to start their own business because working in a company brings more stress than running their own business. There are also some people who choose to work in a company because of the thinking that a business is like gambling.

Most businesses don’t succeed because owners have lack of knowledge on running a business. That’s the reason why people don’t dare to try establishing their own business because they think that they’ll just waste money and common thing that happen is they just find a company wherein they can work.

If you want to establish your own business, the first thing you need to do is to motivate yourself. Nothing will happen if you just think about other businesses that fail, it’s still up to you how you will run your business to make it successful.

Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to start your own business through career development:

Be sure on what you want and why you like it

You definitely want to run a business that you like. For example, you love clothing; you may then want to start a clothing business. You need to be sure on the type of business that you like and make sure that you got knowledge on the products or services that you sell. You surely won’t enjoy selling products or offer services that you don’t like and the possible thing that will happen is you will quit doing your business. When you choose the type of business (products or services) that you like, you also need to have reason why you like it. Most people choose the products or services that they sell or offer because of the numbers of stores in their area. For example, there are only few stores in your area that sells clothes; you will definitely want to start a clothing business.

HAVE Knowledge about your market

You will more likely choose a business that you have knowledge about. Having knowledge about the business that you will establish will be a big help on making it successful. For example, a customer asks you about a certain product, you can immediately answer the questions and you can provide lots of information about a certain product. If you don’t know what to say about your product to your customer, the possible thing that will happen is your customer will transfer to other stores that can provide an answer. Your customers will definitely trust you if you provide additional tips or advice when they are buying clothes on your store.

Know the obstacles

The next things that you need to think about are the obstacles. Before you decide on the business that you like, think about the number of your competitors on your area. For example, you plan to start a beauty product business but there are already lots of stores that sell beauty products in your area. The possible thing that will happen is you won’t be able to sell many products because your competitors already own the trust of the people in your area. It will definitely be hard for you to make their customers yours. You also need to check the place where you will put up your store. Make sure that you establish it in a place where there are lots of people like near the park or much better if you build it in a city.

Set a timeline

After you chose the business that you like and after you thought about the obstacles, the next thing you need to think about is when you will start it. You need to set a timeline for your business. If you set a timeline, you will definitely be motivated to achieve your goal and get it done on the given time. If you just think about it and you are not sure when to establish your business, there are times that you will become lazy and forget about your business. If you are busy on other things, you will sometimes forget about your other plans especially if you are focused on other things. All you need to do is mark your calendar on the day that you plan to start your business. In that way, you will stay focused on it.

Know the price

When you plan to establish your own business, you need to have a budget. Your budget can tell if your business is possible to be established or not. But before you set a budget, you need to know how much it will cost you to build your business including the products that you will sell. The more you invest, the more money you will earn. Also, make sure that you gain profit on your investments. You also need to look for suppliers. For example, you are planning to sell clothes, make sure you have a supplier of clothes.

Gain support

This is the thing that you need to have in order to be motivated on starting your own business. If you gain support from your friends and family members, you will definitely be focused on achieving your goals or dreams. If your family and friends support you on your plans, they will definitely give you a hand or will help you to achieve it. Sometimes family and friends can even support you on your financial needs.  Sometimes it is hard to focus and dream about something if no one supports you. So it is important to gain support on what you want to do.

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Motivate Yourself to Focus on Your Studies with Personal Development

Motivate Yourself to Focus on Your Studies with Personal Development

Learning is the main key to achieve or reach your goal. The knowledge that you learn can help on your personal development. Every individual wants to be a successful person in the future that is why people do everything just to achieve their dreams. In order to achieve your dreams like being a great businessperson in the future, a professional engineer, etc., you need to learn all the things that you need for your dream. Since the day you were born, you start to learn different things just by seeing, hearing, and listening things.

When children are already in the right age, their parents send them to school to expand their knowledge. Entering school is the first step for a person who wants to achieve his or her dreams. If you have useful knowledge in your brain, you definitely won’t have a hard time reaching your goals or dreams. If you are very lazy to go to school, you won’t be able to reach your dream because you’ll be lacking knowledge or intelligence. All you need to do is motivate yourself to focus on your studies.


Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to focus on your studies:

Study Hard

This is the first thing that you need to do, you probably know what will happen if you don’t study hard. In school, you will know how knowledgeable or bright you are by your grades. If you receive low grades, you still need to focus on your studies. For example, you are in college and you take an engineering course. If you don’t focus on things that provide knowledge about engineering, you won’t be able to expand your knowledge on the course that you take. Most students lose interest on studying because of their vices like playing online games and other things that makes them temporarily happy. For example you love playing online games, make sure that you will still go to school and just play online games when you have free time. Always remember to separate studies and vices.

Start Reading

Yes! Reading books is one of the best ways to gain knowledge aside from listening to your teachers. Every school provides every student books that they can take home. In that way, students can still review or study the topic that their teacher discussed. In order to absorb every word, sentence, or information that you read, you need to expand your vocabulary. There are times when you won’t fully understand a sentence if you don’t know the meaning of a certain word. The best thing you need to do when you are reading books is to have a dictionary with you. The reason why some students stop reading books is because they think books are hard to understand. If you gain lots of knowledge from reading books, you will be able to answer the tests that will come. For example, you already read your book about science that your teacher gave you, when the time comes that your teacher asks questions about the topic that hasn’t been discussed, you’ll definitely be able to answer the question because you already read the book.

Do your homework

Even if you are a fast learner, you still need to do your homework. By doing your homework, you can test the capacity of your brain on how long it can hold every information that you gain. There are some students who don’t remember other things or information that they gain when they shift their focus on other things. For example, your teacher has discussed a lesson about science. Then after science, she discussed lessons about math. It is common for some students in this scenario to forget lessons in science because they have shifted their focus on math. All you need to do is improve your memorisation skills. In that way you can still remember other information that will come. You will also get low grades on a certain subject if you don’t do your homework. You will definitely be motivated to focus on your studies because you will see your improvements.

Listen to your teacher

When you are in the middle of the discussion, you need to listen to your teacher. Teachers can teach everything you need to learn. If you don’t listen on what your teacher is discussing, you won’t learn anything. There are people who learn easily through listening or reading. Your teacher will possibly ask you questions if he or she noticed that you are not listening or paying attention. You will also be able to work with your homework easily if you listen to your teacher. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions to your teacher if you don’t understand a certain thing. Your teacher will be to answer your question.


If you are not contented on what you learn on the discussion of your teacher, you might want to explore or learn other things in order to expand your knowledge. As I’ve said above, you should start reading books. Reading books can help you to expand your vocabulary and you reading skills. If you are in college, it’s ideal to focus on books about the course that you are taking. You can also try reading other books that is related on your course. The best place for reading different kinds of books is the library. You can ask the librarian about the books that you like; in that way you, won’t spend so much time searching for books.

Ask your classmates

In school, you won’t enjoy your day if you don’t talk to your classmates. Studying alone is sometimes boring. You can ask your friends or classmates to do brainstorming; in that way, you and your classmates can share knowledge. You definitely have one classmates that you want to surpass (it will definitely keep you motivated). If your rival got a higher grade than you, don’t be discouraged and just study hard to outshine him or her. Having a goal in school will definitely give you motivation.

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How to Be a Great Employee for Your Career Development

How to Be a Great Employee for Your Career Development

Every individual wishes to have a bright future where they can buy everything they want and where they will have no problem in food or in everyday expenses. The knowledge that you learn in your everyday life can be useful on your career development. The main key to have a bright future is to study hard in school. When children are at the right age, parents send them to school to expand their knowledge and to know more about the world. If your brain is loaded with useful knowledge, you can tackle any trials or problems that will come in your life.

When you reach college, you need to choose a course that is appropriate to the profession or occupation that you want to be in the future. For example, you want to help and cure people and work in the hospital in the future; you can take nursing courses. The first step in reaching your goal is choosing the right course for you. You must choose a course that is based on your interest. If you want to know how to be a great employee for your career development, read the tips below.

Here are some tips on how to be a great employee for your career development:

Learn to behave

The first thing that you must do in order to be a great employee is to behave. Remember that your workplace is strictly for business and not a playground wherein you can do anything you want. Your main goal why you work is to earn money for your daily living. If you don’t behave when you are at work, your boss may fire you and you will be jobless. Good personality is fun. A few jokes and smiles might be acceptable in other situations but regular fooling around is wasting time on things that is not related on your job. Behaving on your job will lead to good impression on you from your boss. You will definitely stay in your job for a long time if you learn to behave.

Take Criticism

You also need to take criticisms from other people. If the boss or your coworkers criticise you, don’t be angry and remember that you need to calm down. When you have calmed down, ask them if you can talk to them for a while, then tell them how you feel. Also, tell them that you want to fix the problem about you and ask them what you need and learn the things that you need to change. For example, your boss and coworkers say something about your attitude. If they don’t like a bad attitude of yours, you need to change it so that you won’t have an argument or problem with your coworkers and boss.

Do your job properly

The first thing you need to do in order for you to develop your career is to do your job properly. If you don’t do your job properly, your company will definitely fire you. Whether your salary is high or not, you still need to do your job well. Even if you think that your job is difficult to do, you still need to do it. If you are working in a company, don’t make excuses why you can’t do the job. You might find a way on how you will be able to do the job.

Be on time

Always remember that coming in your job late will make a bad impression or record. If your boss sees that you are always coming on time or early, it will be a good record and your boss will think that you are very dedicated on your job. If your work is in the morning, make sure to wake up early. For example, your job starts at eight in the morning, make sure you estimate the time when you travel from your house to the place of your job. Make sure that you arrive in your company at least fifteen minutes before. If your work starts from eight, make sure you arrive in your work by 7:45. In that way, you won’t be late and you will still have time to walk from the parking lot to your work.

Be productive

Don’t let your day end without having your job done. Don’t let your papers stay on your desk until your day ends. Make sure that you do your entire task. In that way, you can still do another task for the next day. You will definitely feel lazy if you see all your work piled in your desk. You will have a problem if your task has a time limit that is needed to be achieved. Not only the company or business will gain problems but you as well. The company will definitely find someone to take your place and someone who can perform the entire task on a given time.

Help others

In a company, you need to be a team player. Remember that it’s not only you who works in your company. In order for your company to be successful, you also need to help your coworkers. For example, one of your coworkers has a lot of work to be done. You can help him or her to make the task easy. In that way, when the time comes that you have lots of work to do, your coworkers will definitely help you too. Don’t worry because your coworkers and your boss will know what you did.

Be quiet and just work

This is the best thing that you need to do if you want to be a great employee. All you need to do is be quiet and focus on your work. Don’t be distracted on other employees that do nothing but disturb other employees. Even if you don’t talk or show that you are doing your job, your boss and coworkers will definitely notice that even if you are quiet, you still do your work done.

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