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How to Motivate Your Own Team through Career Development


When you started studying or going to school or even when you are still a child, you definitely dreamed of being successful in your life. You definitely want to work in a company that gives a high salary to every employee and you will surely give everything you got for your career development. Starting from a normal employee, you will possibly be promoted and you will be given a chance to handle a team.

When you are handling a team, you need to be good on your team and you need to motivate them. When your team is doing well, your boss will surely praise your team or sometimes give you a prize for your hard work. If you show a good performance on your job, you will help your company to develop. If you and your team don’t perform well, you will surely be demoted or worse, you will get fired. There are also times when even if you perform well but your team didn’t, you will surely get a bad impression from your boss. Always remember that you are the leader of your team, so it’s all up to you how to make your team perform well.

Here are some tips on how to motivate your own team through career development:


Be a good example

The first thing you need to do is to be a good example on your team members. Since you are the leader, your team members will definitely imitate everything that you do. If you show a good example or performance on your team, they will surely do everything that you do. You need to be serious on what you do. If your team members noticed that you are just fooling around, they will definitely lose motivation.

Improve Listening skills

You also need to develop your listening skills. Make sure that your team members are listening on everything that you discuss especially when it comes to some strategies on improving your performance. As I’ve mentioned in the “Be a Good Example” section, you need to show to your team that you are serious.

Explain Company Goal

In order for your team to get serious and get motivated, you need to explain company goal. You need to explain the purpose of your company. For example, your company sells sandwich, you can tell your team that your company’s purpose is to make the best sandwich in your region. Knowing that you have a competitor will definitely keep you motivated because you want to beat them.

Be fair

You also need to be fair. Favouritism is not allowed on a team. Don’t allow your personal likes and dislikes affect your leadership. For example, there are some in your team who are not productive. You shouldn’t be one sided and shouldn’t always give your attention only to the members that are productive. You also need to motivate and talk to others. Always remember that you are a team. If you just give your time on some members, other will definitely be lazy on working.

Don’t be angry on small things

In order to make your team members respect you, you also need to respect them. Don’t be angry on small stuffs. If your team members made a mistake, you need to ask them calmly about their reason or the problem. For example, one of your team members is late, don’t shout or get mad. Ask him/her why he/she is late and tell him/her that you expect him/her to be on time the next day. Always remember that your team members are human beings that have weaknesses and strengths. They are not machines.

Set rewards

You can also give rewards to every team member that performed well for the year or month. That strategy will definitely keep your team motivated and perform with their fullest. You need to set a condition before they gain the reward. For example, you will give reward to the employee who will have no lates or absences for the month. Employees are working to earn money for their living. They will surely be happy if they gain additional rewards.

Be friendly

Yes! As a leader, you need to be kind and friendly on your team members. Your team will definitely hate you or get scared of you if you are always angry or very strict. All you need to do is talk calmly, tell your team that they can ask freely if they don’t know a certain thing about the company, or talk directly to you if they have concerns. Sometimes, the attitude of the team reflects on the leader. If you are friendly, you will gain respect on your team.

Talk about the problem

You also need to talk about the problems about your team or about their performance. Talk to the employees who are not doing well or are doing wrong. You need to correct them and give them some tips on how to improve their performance or how to do it right. You also need to talk to the employees who are doing great. Praising them will help them maintain their good performance. When an employee continues on doing wrong things, it is your power to terminate him/her. Remember that you are in one team, if one member is always doing wrong, it will affect the whole team.

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