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How to Motivate Yourself to Quit Smoking through Personal Development


One of the common vices nowadays that is hard for people to quit from is smoking. Smokers say that smoking removes stress. But whatever reason they say, it doesn’t change the fact that smoking has a bad effect on every person’s health. Smoking cigarettes has a great effect on personal development. Other people don’t want to get near smokers because of the smoke and their smell.

Smoking can weaken the human body. It can also cause bad breath or unpleasant odour because smoke sticks on clothes. Smoking also has a great effect on a person’s lungs. People can get lung cancer from smoking and there are lots of cases of death that involves lung cancer.

If you want to have a healthy body, you need to quit smoking immediately. Smokers are having a hard time removing cigarettes from their lives. Sometimes, they just realise to quit smoking when they already have sickness. The best thing to do is to motivate yourself to quit smoking. If you don’t know how, read the tips below.

Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to quit smoking through personal development:

Start quitting

Yes! This is obvious. You need to start quitting immediately. It is hard for smokers to quit smoking in an instant. All you need to do is quit slowly. Limit the cigarette that you smoke each day until you totally remove it. For example, you can consume one pack of cigarette every day. Make it half for few days and lessen it until you get rid of your vice.

Imagine you have a lung cancer

Imagine you have lung cancer. What will your family feel if you died? Do you want to leave your kids without seeing them grow up? What will your wife/husband do if you die? Do you want your family to live without you? You need to think of what will happen to you in the future if you continue to smoke cigarettes. You definitely don’t want to die young.

Smell yourself

As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, some people don’t like the smell of cigarettes and sometimes people won’t talk to you because you have a bad odour or bad breathe. Your scent also has a great effect on a job interview. Hygiene is also one of the things that an interviewer will look on a person. There are times that you can smell the scent of cigarette on other smokers but you don’t smell yourself.

Keep away from other smokers

One of the best things to do to totally quit smoking is to keep away from other smokers. There are times that when you start to quit smoking, you will feel the urge to light a cigarette when you see people smoking. When you see smokers, all you need to do is divert your attention on other things. In that way, you won’t be influenced by them.

Keep yourself busy

You can also keep yourself busy so that you’ll forget about smoking. You can do a lot of things that will make you busy. If you always smoke after a long day of work, just chew a gum to keep your mouth busy and to get rid of cigarettes. You can do a lot of things that can make you happy and busy.

Enroll in a fitness gym

If you enroll to a fitness gym, since you want to have a healthy body, you will surely quit smoking. As I’ve mentioned, smoking can weaken the body. You won’t be able to lift a barbell or dumbbell if you are feeling weak. Enrolling into a fitness gym will also keep you busy. You can go into a gym before or after your job. You will definitely forget about smoking in that way.

THINK ABOUT Second-hand smoke

Second-hand smoke can also cause people sickness. Just think about it. When you smoke, your child can inhale the smoke that you produce. You definitely don’t want your child to get sick. Just by thinking about the people around you and thinking about their health, you might want to quit smoking. You definitely enjoy smoking but people around you are suffering.

THINK ABOUT SITUATIONS WHEN Your family DOESN’T kiss you or hug you

Since you have a bad odour because of cigarettes, there are times that your wife won’t kiss you. Your kids won’t also hug you because you smell bad. If you want to live a happy and sweet life, you must quit smoking for your own sake and your family’s sake. Just think about a life without hugs and kisses from your family.

If you quit smoking and you already have a healthy body, you will be able to live long and do happy things for more years. Remember that smoking can shorten your life. Good health means happy life.

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